English - More! 7e - Unit 3

Reading (série 1)

Consigne: Lis et écris les réponses en anglais. Read and write the answers.

Stéphane, SwitzerlandAnna, ItalyEmma, Scotland
Good morning from Tavannes. It's a village in Switzerland. My name's Stéphane and I'm 11 years old.

Frisco is my dog and my favourite animals are lions. I'm not scared and I want to become a lion tamer later.

Today is Wednesday morning. I'm tired and nervous because it's test day. I don't like to learn geography.
Today is Saturday morning. Cool! I'm happy. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm tired.

I play football every Sunday afternoon with my friends. I'm playing goal.

I'm in Year 5 in Milano Primary School. It's a city in Italy.

My favourite animals are dogs. They're great. My favourite number is seven. It's on my t-shirt.

My name's Emma. I'm twelve and I'm in Year 6.

I live in Glasgow and today, it's Sunday afternoon. I'm at home with my siter and my neighbour. We play the music and sing. We're happy.

We have two cats. Their names are Fifi and Poppy. They're nice but they're old.

See you tomorrow!